Simplifying digital risk assessment and planning for professional building managers

The Digital Property Risk Toolkit is an innovative and scalable application designed to help commercial building managers identify and mitigate against digital threats.

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Scalabilty built in

Who is the Digital Property Risk Toolkit for?

If you manage commercial property and are responsible for assessing and mitigating the digital risks buildings face, then the Digital Property Risk Toolkit is designed for you.

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Every professionally managed building should move toward having a risk register that considers the wide range of digital risks a building and its users face, with steps to mitigate them. Toolkits such as this will help people take the first steps in addressing this.
Paul Bagust - Head of Property Standards, RICS
Paul Bagus, Head of Property Standards, RICS

A simple step-Step Process

What does the Digital Property Risk Toolkit give you?

The Digital Property Risk Toolkit is a simple starting point for anyone to identify the digital risks buildings face and take the first steps towards managing them.

Identify the high level risks that your building might face.
Suggested templates and processes to manage the risk if you should need them.
Regular updates about digital risk in the property market to keep you up to date.
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What is Digital Risk?

Technology in buildings presents substantial risk. Today, building owners, managers or users must get on the front foot with these risks.

What is Risk?​

As we start reviewing the risks that we face, it is worth defining what we mean by a risk and therefore what we should include on the risk register. According to the International risk standard (ISO 31000:2018) a risk is “effect of uncertainty on objectives”.

What is Digital Risk?

Digital risks are simply those uncertainties that exist in an ever more digital world. It is not just the risk of technology itself, but the wider risks that we face as society embraces technology.

These risks might include how we manage the building or its brand, the viability of the business models used, changing customer expectations or hidden bias in the data we use.

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